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Novecentos by Nataly Vergara
Shortfilm (2020)

Novecentos is a shortfilm about a pianist orphan, who has lived his entire life on an ocean liner. Faced with the decision to change his life, he remembers the death of his adoptive father, who picks him up from a cardboard box and becomes his only family.

Directed by Nataly Vergara who is also one of the art directors and photographed by me. It is not yet open to the public so here are some frames of how it looks.

Director: Nataly Vergara

Director of Photography: Alejandra Napurí

Focus Puller: Ismael Derhali

Gaffer: Dídac Saez

Electric 1: Nadia Salmerón Zafra

Electric 2: Gabriel Arribas Revert

Color: Diego Aveiga

Art Director: Nataly Vergara y Marta Espada

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