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Hormak by Mikel Uralde
Shortfilm (2021)

Hormak (2021) is a shortfim directed by Mikel Uralde and filmed in the Vasque Country during april of 2021. It is about Iker, a 17-year-old, who has not quite found his place in the world. During an afternoon he will stay with his friends and will have to deal with the bitterness of adolescence.


Now is been distributed around festivals. Hormak won Best Shortfilm in euskera at ICOFF-Gasteiz, the new cinema festival in Vitoria. It's been selected at Zinebi Festival at Bilbao in Miradas desde Euskadi selection. It is not yet open to the public so here are some frames of how it looks. It's been recently selected in the shortfilm section at the 26th Festival de Málaga.

Director: Mikel Uralde

Director of Photography: Alejandra Napurí

Focus Puller: Tania García

2nd AC: Ibai Mielgo

Gaffer: Arturo del Valle

Sparks: Asier Ezquerra and Adrián Nogales

Color: Patricia Brewatt

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